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Other Names Gravity Dwellers, Wellkeepers, Original Elder Tongue is Bodhgaicht
Home Regions Throne Worlds, Rook Worlds, Sentinel Worlds
Cultural Divisions Throne-Held, Rook-Held, Sen-Held

"We rule the worlds, and are better for it."

For thousand of years the Worldborn have kept tradition alive among the planets of the Triad. Their myriad of environments has evolved multiple independent societies, and peoples all united in the ideal of preserving what it means to be Faeru. This internal traditionalism has pervaded even the most liberal of Wellkeeper societies. The pull of gravity to many is said to act as a beacon to the Worldborn whose long lives on the 'original' colonies has created a deep connection between them and their chosen homelands. They see their planets in a manifested destiny, a claim only they can hold, and often hold this ideal above the other of their own race, and the other races of the Avalon Cluster itself.


The Worldborn are the strongest of the four Faerin subraces, and often some of the healthiest. Their years of life in the dirty filled environments of the planets has provided them with one of the most robust immune systems among the four peoples (except for the Wyldborn). Their ability to adapt to life in gravity wells is well founded. This attachment however has over the years rendered them clumsy, and even easily sickened in space. For this very reason many Worldborn have contempt for travel in the stars, and a long standing fear of the deathly stilled silence found in space. Physiscally they are the second shortest of the Faerin subraces (Shipborn being the smallest), and are often more stoutly built than others.

Worldborn being the second shortest of the Faerin subspecies range between 1.52 Mevres to 1.85 Mevres tall (5" to 6'1").


Cultural identity for Worldborn is based upon connection to the land, and the planet they hail from. Even after years of difference, Worlds often still have an overarching identity compared to that of other planets. Nationality for the Worldborn is thus based heavily on the regional identity of a people, and how they connect to each other. In the past this has fueled secessionist and rebellous attitudes throughout the worlds of the Triad. It has also led to wars of unification as the more powerful polities seek to link up like minded ethnicity to form a true homeland for their 'people'.

Deep systems identity for the worlds has lent itself to the Throne-held (the people of the Throne System) practicing a mostly patrilineal, and patriarchal system of governance. To the Sen-Held (the people of Sentinel) this prospect is entirely strange as they are matriarchal, and often matrilineal in inheritance. Both exuded an extensive conservatism which is only further displace by the thoughts of the Rook-Held (the people of Rook) who are more liberal, and often empower third gendered individuals more often than the traditional binary normative.